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Automate your Billing,
Innovate your Practice

Take your practice to new heights with ThreaNest's billing automation. Automated billing considerably lightens your billing and administrative burdens without compromising your practice’s financial stability. Experience improved steady cash flow and effortless billing with TheraNest. 

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Improve Cash Flow with Reliable Payments


  • Financial management is efficient, precise, and hassle-free.

  • Lighten administrative burden and simplify tasks.

  • Greatly improve claim accuracy and cleaner rates.

  • Improve income flow with timely and consistent payments.

TheraNest's Automated Billing


Elevate your Financial Health with TheraNest


Create invoices for all of your unbilled sessions in a day.  The automation runs each night so you can start the next day with all invoices.  Easily configure exceptions to stop some invoices.


Process all of your invoices and move to 'Claims Awaiting Submission' automatically each night.  Set up your own rules to prevent some types from processing.


Automatically submit all claims to your clearinghouse when they are ready.  Prevent some claims from submitting automatically by setting exclusion rules.


Automatically post your ERAs according to your configured rules.  Pre-created rules make this quick and easy to set-up in TheraNest.